What we can do for you

If you are a filmmaker

Film Commission Poland, working together with country’s network of regional film commissions, is able to provide filmmakers with support in the following areas of activity:

  • advising filmmakers on different aspects of production including, but not limited to, municipal bylaws, traffic ordinances, environmental legislation, and employment legislation and practices;
  • assisting producers in establishing contact with potential partners such as funding bodies, production companies, service 
providers, filmmakers and other industry professionals;
  • assisting in effective and efficient location scouting and gaining access to the locations in question;
  • help in obtaining the requisite licenses and permits;
  • provision of logistical support;
  • assisting in problem-solving at every stage of production.

If you represent a city, town or region in Poland

Film Commission Poland, cooperating closely with national and international film bodies, is able to provide regions’ representatives with support in the following areas of activity:

  • attracting film producers and facilitating their initiatives to carry out film and television productions in the region;
  • encouraging film, television and multimedia producers to employ local personnel and facilities in productions;
  • promoting the region as a film and television production location at the local, national and international level;
  • establishing relationships with local and international individuals, organisations and film commissions in order to encourage skills and knowledge transfer
  • compiling a database and providing information regarding regional filmmakers, audio-visual technicians, actors, performers and musicians, as well as hotel caterers, transportation and other services in the country.

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