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02-768 Warsaw, ul. Fosa 37
tel. +48 22 566 69 99, fax +48 22 566 69 84,

Cinema City International is the fastest-growing multiplex cinema chain in Europe and the largest in Poland in terms of the number of screens. It also operates in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary and Israel. Cinema City Poland comprises thirty-one multiplex theatres with three hundred and thirty-nine screens, five of which are IMAX® format. The majority of the cinemas are located in large cities. Forum Film Poland handles the film distribution within the chain.


02-542 Warsaw, ul. Mokotowska 49
tel. +48 22 453 32 00, fax +48 22 453 32 05,

Multikino currently belongs to the Vue Entertainment Group. It has twenty-seven cinemas with two hundred and twenty-six screens, including the largest digital projection screen in Europe; measuring almost 300 m² / 3 230 ft²), it is located in the Multikino theatre in Warsaw’s Złote Tarasy (Golden Terraces) shopping centre. Vue Movie Distribution handles the film distribution within the chain. Multikino is a partner of Poland’s most important film festivals.



90-418 Łódź, al. Kościuszki 17
tel. +48 42 630 36 01, fax +48 42 632 13 39,

Thirty-three cinemas with one hundred and seventy-seven screens belong to the Helios chain; they are located in larger and smaller cities and towns alike. Various film-related events, such as festivals and special screenings, are held in the cinemas. Next Film handles the distribution of Polish films within the chain. Helios belongs to the Agora Group, which also owns the VoD Kinoplex website.



00-975 Warsaw, ul. Puławska 61
tel./fax +48 22 880 03 84, +48 22 880 03 63,,

The Arthouse Cinemas Network consists of more than two hundred one-screen and multiplex cinemas across Poland. Their operations are aimed at promulgating film culture by promoting films of a high artistic quality and organising educational initiatives addressed to young audiences. The network popularises Polish and European arthouse cinema and is run by the National Film Archive. Some of the network’s cinemas also belong to the Polish Digital Cinemas Network, the members of which are equipped with state-of-the-art digital projectors thanks to the support of the Polish Film Institute and the Archive.


50-020 Wrocław, ul. Piłsudskiego 64A
tel. +48 71 793 70 91, fax +48 71 794 00 88,

Odra-Film is a cultural institution reporting to the Lower Silesian Voivodship (województwo dolnośląskie) and its tasks include the promulgation of film culture. It runs seven cinemas; the Lower Silesian Film Centre (Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe) in Wrocław, which is a member of the Europa Cinemas international network; the Jubilat in Głogów; the LOT in Jelenia Góra; the Piast in Legnica; the Apollo in Wałbrzych; the Nysa in Zielona Góra; and the Pionier in Żary.

Odra-Film also runs the Lower Silesian Film Competition and the headquarters of the Wroclaw Film Commission.


03-704 Warsaw, ul. Panieńska 11
tel. +48 22 670 21 00, fax +48 22 670 01 76,,

Max-Film is a film institution reporting to the Masovia Voivodship (województwo mazowieckie). Its aim is to propagate film culture by means such as promoting Polish and foreign cinema and film education. It runs six cinemas; the Wisła and the Luna in Warsaw, both of which are members of the Europa Cinemas international network; the NoveKino Przedwiośnie in Płock; the Novekino in Siedlce; the Sybilla in Puławy; and the Merkury in Biała Podlaska.

Max-Film is also engaged in film distribution, having a collection of more than 1 000 titles, predominantly Polish.


40-008 Katowice, ul. Górnicza 5
tel. +48 32 206 88 61-3, fax +48 32 259 83 88,

Silesia Film is a cultural institution reporting to the Silesian Voivodship (województwo śląskie) and its tasks include the promulgation of film culture. It runs five cinemas; the Kosmos Cinema Centre of Film Art (Kino Kosmos Centrum Sztuki Filmowej), the Światowid and the Rialto, all located in Katowice and all members of the Europa Cinemas international network; the Janosik Cinema in Żywiec; and the Bałtyk Cinema in Racibórz.

It also runs the Silesian Film Archives, the Silesia Film Fund and the headquarters of the Silesia Film Commission, as well as organising the REGIOFUN International Film Producers’ Festival.


80-831 Gdańsk, ul. Piwna 22/23
tel./fax +48 58 301 37 44,

Neptun-Film runs four cinemas in the Tri-City of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia; the Gdańsk Film Centre (Gdańskie Centrum Filmowe), which is a member of the Europa Cinemas international network; the Neptun, the Kameralne and the Helikon in Gdańsk; and the Polonia in Sopot. It also organises film education initiatives.


30-364 Krakow, ul. Pychowicka 7
tel. +48 12 267 13 55, fax +48 12 267 10 60,

Apollo Film runs three cinemas: the Mikro&Mikroffala in Krakow, which is a member of the Europa Cinemas, the international network; the Kijów.Centrum also in Krakow; and the Zorza in Rzeszów. It also organises film festivals and industry gatherings, including the Krakow Film Festival.

Europa Cinemas Network

Thirty cinemas in Poland belong to the Europa Cinemas network. A list of the member cinemas is available at Europa Cinemas website.


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