German "The Family" filmed in the Owl Mountains

8 August 2016

The shooting of German psychological thriller "Die Familie" in the Owl Mountains is coming to the end. The Polish-German crew has spent 26 days on the set in Lower Silesia.

Habitual truant and kleptomaniac, 16-year-old Isabell (Stephanie Amarell) is sent to Lipsk, in the Polish Owl Mountains by her desperate, single mother for a summer psychodrama seminar. Among the virgin nature, Isabell meets a psycho-esoteric group lead by the therapist Einar (Godehard Giese) and his wife Merit (Claudia Geisler-Bading). Both are considered experts in the so-called Family (Systemic) Constellations method. The police superintendent is portrayed by Polish actor Mirosław Baka ("A Short Film About Killing", "Chemo")

“The film orbits around the confusion of a young girl who grew up without her father. Her meeting with psychotherapist Einar, who is aware of his authority, becomes a catalyst which makes Isabell sink ever deeper in the spiral of dark images. At the same time, the girl follows a trail of a secret connected to her past whose discovery may lead to dramatic consequences both for her and for Einar,” explais the director Constanze Knoche ("Forrest", "Sad Songs of Hapiness", "Teresa’s Room").

"The Family" is created as part of a film series Stunde Des Bösen (The Hour of the Evil) initiated in 2013 by ZDF ("Das Kleine Fernsehspiel"). The series comprises psychological thrillers which on one hand should clearly represent auteur cinema, and on the other hand – genre cinema. Four films produced in the first edition by male directors were a huge success, praised both by the audience and by cinema critics. Currently, another four films are in production; this time directed by women.

The film producer is ZDF and Neufilm Gmbh, the co-producers – Polish companies Avantgarde Film Studio and Cinelight, and the line producer in Poland is Anna Zajączkowska from Afilm. The Polish-German crew spent 26 days in the area of Jugów, Radków, Jedlina Zdrój and Osówka.

“The Owl Mountains are not only a (beautiful) background, but also enable us to give the film impressionistic aesthetics: archaic, elementary shots of the dark forest reflect Isa's emotions,” declare the filmmakers.

The film is planned to premiere in 2017.