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2i Studio Documentary, TV Show, Commercials & others
AMP Polska Feature fiction, Documentary International co-production
ATM Grupa Feature fiction, Documentary, TV Series, TV Show, Commercials & others Line production/Service
Afilm Feature fiction, Documentary, Commercials & others Line production/Service
Agencja artystyczna TMT Art Documentary, Commercials & others, TV Show
Akson Studio Feature fiction, TV Series, TV Show, Commercials & others International co-production, Line production/Service
Alvernia Studios Feature fiction, TV Show, Commercials & others
Amondo Films Feature fiction, Documentary International co-production, Line production/Service
Angelus Silesius
Anima-Pol Feature fiction, Documentary, Animated feature, Animated TV Series
Animoon Studio Animated feature, Animated short, Animated TV Series International co-production, Line production/Service
Apple Film Production Feature fiction, Documentary, TV Series International co-production
Argomedia Feature fiction, Short fiction, Documentary
Arkana Studio Documentary International co-production
Artcore Commercials & others, Animated commmercials & others, Commercials & others (post-production)
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