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The MEDIA sub-programme is part of the European Union’s Creative Europe initiative for 2014-2020. The initiative has a budget of EUR 1.46 billion, over half of which is earmarked for the support of cinema and the audiovisual sector.

 The MEDIA sub-programme supports various activities within the audiovisual sphere. It offers non-repayable grants to producers, distributors, sales agents, the operators of new digital technologies and VoD platforms, and the organisers of training programmes, festival, film fairs and other industry events. In the next few years, this will take place under the following operational programmes:

  1. Training for professionals in the audiovisual sector (EUR 7.5 mln)
  2. Development (EUR 17.5 mln). Support for producers in making feature, animated and creative documentary films intended for cinema, television and VoD platform distribution.
  3. TV Broadcasting (EUR 11.8 mln). Support for the production and distribution of high-quality television films intended for the European and global market, including co-productions, artistically ambitious, high-quality European feature series, as well as sequels and further seasons of series which have already been produced. The maximum sum for a grant is EUR 1 million.
  4. International Co-Production Funds (EUR 1.5 mln). Facilitating the production and distribution of international film projects by means of support provided through international co-production funds.
  5. Access to Market (EUR 5.47 mln). Support for the operations of Internet platforms designed for professionals in the audiovisual sector and for events aiming to facilitate the financing, co-production and sale of European works of all genres.
  6. Support for distributors and sales agents (EUR 33.45 mln)
  7. Film Festivals (EUR 3.25 mln)
  8. Reaching the Audience (EUR 1.9 mln). Stimulating the appetite for European films in European audiences, particularly young people and children, by means of international support for events and initiatives geared toward film education and the exchange of best practices.
  9. Cinema Networks (EUR 10.5 mln)

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