The Polish-German Film Fund has been created by the Polish Film Institute, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB), and the German Federal Film Board (FFA). Its annual budget usually amounts to 500,000 EUR. Eligible for funding are: 

  • development (co-development) projects of full-length features, animations and creative documentaries;
  • full-length feature, animation and creative documentary projects as well as productions of full-length low-budget films – here also debuts and innovative films.

To be eligible for application, it is necessary to sign a project development/co-production agreement by at least one Polish producer with at least one producer with seat in Central Germany or in Berlin-Brandeburg. There are no territorial restrictions for German producers in case of development application. Participation of producers from third countries is possible. The funding from the PGFF can be combined with regular grants from the respective Funds.

The funding is granted from the Polish side in the form of a subsidy. The maximum funding usually is:

  • 70,000 EUR for project development;
  • 150,000 EUR for film production.

The production cost shouldn't usually be higher than 750,000 EUR.

Each co-producer receives part of the subsidy proportional to their financial contribution in the total cost of the project development/co-production, which has to be determined in the co-production agreement. Financial contribution of each producer in the total cost of the project has to constitute at least 20% of the total cost including the subsidy.

During the realization of the project a significant part of the total cost to the amount of the subsidy has to be spent in Poland and in the region of the relevant German fund (regional effects). 

Calls for application are twice a year, as a rule in December and August. 


Application advisor in PISF:
Robert Baliński
tel. +48 22 102 64 12

More information:



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