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Alwernia – a town in the Lesser Poland Region, in Chrzanów County, the headquarters of the rural­urban commune of Alwernia in the Kraków­Częstochowa Upland, located upon Regulka River. It is counted among urban centres of the Kraków agglomeration. Its name comes from the mountain La Verna (Lat. Alvernia) in Tuscany (Italy), where St Francis received the stigmata, and where later a Franciscan hermitage was founded. The history of Alwernia goes back to 1616, when a monastery of the Order of Friars Minor was built; later on, a settlement was created around it. The monastery in Alwernia houses precious art pieces, the miracle­working painting Ecce Homo being the most valuable among them; it was located in the church in 1686. Among the town attractions, there are also the 18th and 19th ­century market square and buildings, the oldest Polish Museum of Fire Brigade, and Skowronek lake. A huge chemical plant Alwernia S.A. (functioning since 1923/24) is located here as well; the factory produces phosphorus and chromium compounds. The town is located in the area of picturesque Jurassic natural landscape parks.


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