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About location

or the Lubomirski and Potocki Castle in Łańcut – an old aristocratic residence located in Łańcut, in the Sub-Carpathian region. The original defence tower is dated to the second half of the 16th century. Compared to the other Polish noble residences, the castle in Łańcut stands out even despite damages; it boasts rich collections and the original park and palace layout: the gardens, residential buildings as well as the utility building and houses for servants. The Great Vestibule with the original layout from the 17th century can be found right after entering the castle. In the room, there is one pillar and four vault spans. The most important halls of the castle in Łańcut are: the Ball Room, the Great Dining Room, the Columned Salon,  the Manor Theatre, and the Gallery of Sculpture. Their furnishings are original, and so is the castle's collection of carriages and accessories. Currently in Łańcut there is also the biggest and best preserved example of aristocratic library in Poland with 22 thousand volumes. Around the castle there is a park in the English style with a number of historic buildings: the Orangery (1802), the Romantic Castle (1800), a manege (1830), stables (1898), a carriage house (1902), a music school (formerly gardeners' house), the Orchid House (1904/2008), and a tennis court. Within the park there is also a small lake. Additionally, a museum is open in the castle.

Scenes from two famous Polish feature films were shot in the castle in Łańcut: 'Trędowata' (1976) and 'Hrabina Cosel' (1968). Castle exterior appears also in 'Pałac' (1980) by Tadeusz Junak.

The castle also serves as a formal venue for state institutions. In 1996 the meeting of representatives from nine Central European countries took place here. Also academic symposia are quite often organized in the castle.